Overunder Panorama Viewer

This is a set of utilities for viewing over/under stereo panoramas on the web. Primary focus is on Ansel, but any panorama in the over/under format should work (e.g. converted Cardboard Camera images).

Works with Experimental Chromium. The vive controllers do not work properly with the latest Chromium build, so use Sep. 23 for now.


Drag and Drop

Load a panorama stored on your computer by dragging and dropping into the browser window.


Load a panorama uploaded to an image hosting service (e.g. Imgur). Also generates URLs that can be shared with friends.

Simple Reddit

For viewing the front page of r/overundervr.

Out of VR, press the spacebar to advance. In VR, press the trigger on a Vive remote. Also, I threw in the drag-and-drop functionality for convenience.

Vive Reddit

A super experimental viewer for Vive. The product of a few days spent messing around with a Three.js example made by mrdoob.


Questions, comments, bug reports? Please file an issue on GitHub.

Made by Ben Pyrik using A-Frame and three.js over the 2016 Christmas break.

Dev stuff.